Image Credit ~ Andrik Langfield ~ Unsplash

Minds Scrambled

Life’s In A Shambles

I’m Way Over Capacity

Present, Yet Adulting Absently

Surfacing Intermittently For Air

Some Days No-Ones Showing Any Care

I’m Down On Knees Praying

Miracles Come Sweep Me Up Saving

I’m So Tired, No Sleep Offers Restoration

Minds Uneasy, Conflicted, It’s Out For Deliberation


Image Credit ~ Fadi XD ~ Unsplash

I adore you, your personalities so charismatic

This nice thing we have going is axiomatic

We had an instantaneous undeniable attraction

Being in your energy brings me such great satisfaction

Each day I find my heart for you, is growing fonder

Consumed by exciting yet scary mixed feelings, becoming stronger

Image Credit ~ Sydney Sims

Never Will I Ever Allow Another To Treat Me Like You, The Same

Your over inflated ego, believes it’s a King, Imposter! Your missing Kings Crown

Your constant name calling, opposed support, with an aim of keeping me down

Projectile Verbal Vomit gushes continually out of your mouth

I know how you roll, I figured you out, putting me down, just waiting for…

Anastasia Soul Gypsy

I Inspire 2 Empower others! PassionateAbout Teaching 1 Self L💜VE 4 It’s Key 2Life~Equally Passionate W/Spirituality~Connecting Mind 2 Soul 2 Live Purposefully

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